All fieldd users gain access to the fieldd Online Booking Portal and Worker App. Yet how can we take that to the next level?

You've worked hard on your branding and company image. You've built up a loyal customer base, and you want to keep them assured of your professionalism and service quality. How can you stand out against your competitors?

That's why we proudly offer a custom-built, personally-branded White Label Customer App and White Label Worker App as an upgrade, available to everyone. Though what does it mean when we say we offer a 'White Label' app?

A turn-key White Label App is the rebranding of the fieldd App to look as if your service company made the software yourself. White label apps are fully supported products custom-made in-house by fieldd developers for your customers and staff to use, thus associating the product with your branding, logo and identity.

Your app will appear in the app store with your branding, logo, and identity, allowing you to grow your customer base and gain an edge over your competitors!

If I pay fieldd for a Customer App can I make custom changes? The Customer App is a white labeling of fieldd’s product, it is not a complete custom build which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the significant time and work involved. For more terms

Do I own fieldd’s software by purchasing an app? All of fieldd’s plans are on a monthly basis, thus you do not have ownership of fieldd’s software. For more terms

Why can I see reference to fieldd on my fieldd account?

Powered by fieldd is a small reference to let those looking know that you are partnered with us. This is one of the top ways we are able to continue to improve our service and grow.

The paid white labeling of fieldd's Worker App and Customer App will remove the reference to fieldd in the following listed locations:

  • Links at the base of emails

  • SMS Job Tracking Links

  • Online Booking Portal Side Menus

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