Google Calendar sync allows you to share events made in Google into fieldd and vice versa.
The two way sync is handy to ensure time off, personal events or other appointments sync to ensure you are not double booked.

To connect your staffs' schedules with fieldd, we are integrated with Google Calendar.

The integration is a two way sync, making it perfect for ensuring your staff are not double booked with personal events.

To connect your Google Calendar with fieldd, follow these steps:

1) Open the Service App

2) Edit Schedule

3) Click on Google Icon to start syncing the accounts

4) When syncing your calendar you can choose which calendar you wish to sync with by logging into Google when clicking the sync button.

Google Calendar Sync

5) Select Google account

Google Calendar Sync to fieldd

6) Google and fieldd successfully synced

Google to fieldd Sync

7) Ensure you select allow

Google Calendar Sync Permissions

Note, events made PRIOR to fieldd and Google Calendar sync are not able to be pulled through. All new events made after the sync will display.

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