fieldd is a dynamic platform and we know that businesses do not stay the same forever.

Whether that is your logo, service offerings, service areas, branding, or staff, you can make the changes you need to ensure your fieldd account reflects these changes when you need them to.

If you have added a white label app to your fieldd account this still applies to you.


When adding a white label app to your account, it is not built once then left alone. We maintain, update and upgrade all white label apps as needed to align with new features, performance updates, bug fixes and to comply with app store requirements.

Can I update my App Store Logo later?

If you are still waiting for your business logo to finalize or are undertaking a rebranding exercise you can update your branding anytime under the 'Branded App' tab within your CRM.

Update the image, text, or colors. Then save and submit for the build.

How about my pricing and services?

Make changes within your Service Designer and save.

Your changes will reflect Online and in app once refreshed.

The same goes for any other settings update.

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