When we build branded mobile apps, we often will build the Apple app within fieldd's account and then transfer once the app is live.

Fieldd builds and maintains apps daily, this positions us as a 'regular' with the app stores, and allows us to process submissions faster than a new app developer.

People can often review each app within the app store, and sometimes the process can be slow. We build the apps within our account to try and mitigate longer delays.

Fieldd Has Emailed Me Saying An App Transfer Has Been Initiated

Now that fieldd has submitted a transfer request, the Account Holder of the account that the app is being transferred to will need to accept the app transfer by following these steps:

Step 1: Log-In To App Store Connect Account

They can access your App Store Connect Account at:


They should see a notice that an app is ready to be transferred.

Step 2: Click on Agreements, Tax and Banking

Step 3: Look for the app under “App Transfers”

Once you're at the "Agreements, Tax and Banking" page, you'll see a section titled “App Transfers” with the app in that section and a “Review” button next to it. Click on that button.

Step 4: Fill out all of the appropriate Metadata

Next they’ll need to update any of the relevant Metadata for the app:

  • Support URL

  • Privacy policy URL (required if the app previously had a privacy policy URL)

  • App Review contact information

  • App Store contact information

Step 5: Read Apple’s Terms and click “Accept”

Once the Metadata has been updated, you'll need to read Apple’s terms. After that, select “I have read and agree to the agreement presented above,” and click “Accept”.

Note: It can take up to two business days for the app transfer to complete, during which the app status is Processing App Transfer.

When the transfer is complete the app no longer appears in the original App Store Connect account.

Still have questions? No problem! Reach out to the apps team and we're be happy to help!

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